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karla.mae, Jul 6, 11 5:28 AM.
*You must be on Ultimate mode
*You must be lvl 45 or higher (unconfirmed)

Before you can do Jewel armor you need to do Blue Metal quests.

Previous needed quests for Blue Metal:
*Ultimate starter quest. Located in Beika (NPC: Loren Garsia) or in Aelbegeou (NPC: Kenaz Arlisia)
*Path of Figther (or whatever class you are): The figthers quest is started by NPC Leon in Beika. I am not sure about the other classes but they should be started i your race's hometown. NOTE: Rumors say this quest is bugged for rangers
*Astin's quests: NPC Astin is located all the way south on map 1 with the grapes and the antelopes. He will give you 2 quests, first quest you need to kill 15 bears. 2nd quest you need to bring some grapes you a npc in map2. very easy.

When you are done with the above you are finally ready to begin quest for BlueMetal / Spring Armor / Sap Armor

you need 4 quest items 1 for each armor piece.

Supply Rice (Gauntlets).
Drops from Fedion Black Feet Fox, which are found at the beginning of map 2. If you done all previous quests, when you click it, it will send you to Haldeck's farm. After you talk to the NPC there it will send you to Arktuis Vill near the Apulune portal. The npc will ask for 2 Ritter's Powers to get those you need to talk to Warrior Kvasir, who is also located in Arktuis Vill he will ask for 2 Thin Meat. You can get Thin Meat from Willieoseu Leopards and the monkies next to them just south from Arktuis Vill. Once you got the thin meat dont select the etin reward and you get the Ritter's Power. After you turn it in he will send you to Stardust Knights in Apulune. Talk to the npc and he will ask you a riddle and you can choose between 3 answers, choose "Close Friend" to get a 3slot gauntlet of your choosing. After you choose he will send you to the armor seller in apu that will give you the gloves.

Missing Person! (Boots).
Drops from Angry Looking Bears, they are spawning with the golems earst of Fedion Dungeon. Talk to the NPC's and they will ask you to kill more of the bears. The more you kill the higher chance of more slots in your armor. Rumor has it 60 bears should gurantee you 3 slot boots. Minimum kills are 15 if you dont care about slots. Talk to the npc for rewad.

Jod's Notebook (Pants).
Drop from Fedion Deadly Poison Frogs near the water at Haldeck Farm. Talk to the NPC's the quest takes you to, they are all in map 2 and in the end they will ask for Apostle's Ability. To get those you need to collect Essence of Witch and give them to Pagan Vidar. The essence drops easiely from Leopardess mobs.
NOTE: The more Apostle's Ability you have in your inventory the higher chance of more slots. I got 3slots with 4 of them. But its a chance matter.

Supply Wine (Top).
Drops From Fedion Leopardess Hunters near Haldecks Farm. When starting the quest it will take you to Stardust Knights in Apulune where the npc will ask for you to get 1 Heliy's Competence. To get this item you need to trade 2 Broken Cores to NPC Assassin Embla in Arktuis Vill. Return to the npc and you get your final piece for this set.
NOTE: The more Heliy's Competence you have in your inventory the greater chance of more slots. I had 3 and got a 3 slot.

Congratulation you now have a full set of BlueMetal/Spring Armor/Sap Armor.

Before you can begin the quest for the lvl 40 armors you need to finish another quest. Go to the liquid medicin merchant in Silvaren and finish that quest. Its an easy quest that takes you to entrance to map 3. After you finish quest the next npc will give you a new quest to kill goblins, you do not have to do that.

now you can start the quests.

Note: the items you need to turn in varies each time

After finishing the starter quest you need to go talk to an NPC named Cruz Berwolf, located in the guard tower at entrance of map 3, he will send you to a dead npc not far from him. After you go "talk" to him you will recieve a quest to kill Harpy Wind Wizards. The more you kill of them the bigger chance for more slots in your armor. max kills is 255. Go back to Berwolf when you killed the amount you want.
Next part of the quest you need to go collect 10 Gold Magic Silk. Again the more of them you have in your inventory the bigger chance of more slots. You can find these from CL or diffrent locations on map3. When you are done she might ask you to bring some Lost Spirits or another random item, also found in CL.
When done with all this you will be send to Huigronn Stronghold and you will recieve your gloves.
Be aware this quest might be bugged if you get a 4slot armor. Bugged in the way that when you have to select your reward you cannot see your options but you can still sellect the item. the top choice is FIghter/Defender im not sure about the rest.

Upper Armor:
Need to finish the gloves before you can start this.
Talk to the other Selina sister (Melissa) found in Huigronn. She will sent you to kill some Lipiluss Security. They are located near the Lipiluss Town south on map 3. The more you kill the higher chance of more slots. After you are done she might ask for some Diabolic Cores or other random item. Diabolic cores are dropped in Lipiluss Town and some other places. When done with that return for your reward.

Go to silvaren and head to the lake nearby and kill some cleanwater frogs. they will drop a scroll that starts the quest. the quest wil send you to huigronn and then back to kill more frogs. Again the more frogs you kill the higher chance. The NPC might ask for a random item when you are done, I dont know which because I didnt get it. When done return for the reward.

Lower Armor:
Need to do all the previous quests before you can unlock this.
This quest is the yellow dot near War Edge Clan's Town. This quest will ask you to kill kill War Edge Orc Nightguards. Again the more you kill the higher chance of more slots. Return to npc and he might ask for some random item. when done you will be rewarded

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karla.mae, Jul 3, 11 9:16 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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